Serious Skateboarding: Vans Motorbreath Mini Ramp

May 29, 2012

You probably already know that Metallica bassist and Southern California-native Robert Trujillo is a passionate skateboarding enthusiast and long-time rider himself, but what you might not realize is that we’ve partnered with Vans to bring their team riders and Motorbreath Mini Ramp to the Festival grounds to perform stunts and demos on both Saturday and Sunday. You’ll not only have the chance to watch some seriously skilled skaters, you’ll be hanging out with Robert as he cheers on his friends and idols.

Plus, immediately after scoping the action on the ramp, you’ll be able to catch up with your favorite riders as they spill into the Vans Tent for signings and more! Vans will also be celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Half-Cab by displaying the Metallica edition that will be coming out in the Fall.

Stay tuned for more details on Ramp! Until then, let us know which skaters you want to see on Facebook or Twitter!