Give Back & Go Green at Orion

May 28, 2013

With a music and lifestyle Festival as big as Orion, we want to do our part to minimize our impact on both the environment and our beautiful home on Belle Isle. We’re inviting you to join the effort too!

There are several ways that Festival fans can make a difference that will long outlast our rock-filled weekend in the Park. From pitching in to our recycling program, Rock & Recycle, to checking out one of the worthy causes that will be on-site at My World Village, check out how you can give back!



Visit the Rock & Recycle station near Ktulu’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Emporium for a unique bag, then fill it with recyclables and return it for a limited edition commemorative t-shirt — made of recycled materials, of course!


Just like last year, we’ll have a variety of worthy organizations featured on-site, looking for your support. Stop by My World Village to “Get on the List” with Love Hope Strength‘s bone marrow database, support Project C.U.R.E.‘s efforts to support improved medical practices in over 120 different countries, and learn more about some other great causes.


Last year, Orion fans avoided using over 26,000 water bottles by using our free refilling stations throughout the park. Bring an empty water bottle or refill yours to stay hydrated, reduce waste, and save some ca$h!


Ever wondered what happens to all of the leftover food from festivals? Well, we’ve partenered with Forgotten Harvest to collect excess food from the food courts and put it to good use to help supply some of the 260 emergency food providers in the Detroit area.