2013 My World Village

Orion Music + More prizes a healthy planet and healthy lifestyles.Orion Music + More aims to minimize its impact on the environment and invites all of the guests to join the effort. Here are some ways attendees can tread a little more lightly on Belle Isle and help make a difference to last longer than our weekend on Belle Isle…


Visit the Rock & Recycle near Ktulu’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Emporium for a unique bag, fill it with recyclables, and return it for a unique commemorative t-shirt (made of recycled materials, of course).


Last year, Orion fans avoided using over 26,000 water bottles by using our free refilling stations throughout the park. Bring an empty water bottle or refill yours to stay hydrated, reduce waste, and save some cash. Forgotten Harvest will collect excess food from the food courts and put it to good use to help supply some of the 260 emergency food providers in the Detroit area.


Stop by My World Village to support some wonderful causes: Get on the List with Love Hope Strength’s bone marrow database, support Project C.U.R.E.’s efforts to improve medical practices in over 120 different countries, see how Detroit SOUP is benefiting the surrounding community, and learn about early skin cancer prevention with The Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout Cancer Fund.

Love Hope Strength Detroit SOUP Ronnie James


At Love Hope Strength we turn concerts into lifesaving events. Through our GET ON THE LIST campaign we register marrow donors resulting in matches from concerts around the world. Through unique events, like Everest Rocks and Kilimanjaro Rocks, we build cancer centers, giving people access to early detection and quality cancer care.

We have registered over 35,000 people to the national marrow registry resulting in over 500 matches for patients in need of transplants. We are hoping to register 500 people at Orion!